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Vishay Precision Group Bulk Metal® Foil
resistors  from Texas Components

Texas Components is the largest and most experienced independent manufacturer and distributor of Bulk Metal® Foil based resistors located in the USA, having over 37 years of experience with even the most complex designs and applications. As a licensed and certified Precision Center, Texas Components is an authorized part of the Vishay Precision Group global supply chain for manufacturing and distributing resistive products made using Bulk Metal® Foil, including standard Vishay Foil Resistors as well as our own unique design applications and derivative products. Our made in the USA products are offered with no minimum order quantity, and delivery in less than one week is possible for many designs and models not otherwise in stock!

Watch this brief introduction to Bulk Metal® Foil Resistor Technology


Bulk Metal® Foil resistive products are known for their unique combination of unmatched performance in all 10 major technical areas: 

Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR)
Power Coefficient of Resistance (PCR)
Voltage Coefficient of Resistance (VCR)
Thermal Electromotive Force (EMF)
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)


Thermal Stabilization
Load Life Stability
Response Time

For any application, if your products or designs need this superior resistive performance, only Bulk Metal® Foil will meet the challenge and make possible designs and circuitry performance that are simply not possible otherwise.


Best Available Characteristics of Different Resistor Technologies


Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR)
-55°C to +125°C,
+25°C ref.

Initial Tolerance

End of Life Tolerance

Load Life Stability
at +70°C, Rated Power at 2000 Hours and then at 10,000 Hours


Thermal Stabilization

Noise (dB)

Bulk Metal® Foil

± 0.2 ppm/°C

From 0.001%

< 0.05%

0.0025% (25 ppm)
0.005% (50 ppm)


< 1 second


Thin Film

± 2 ppm/ °C

From 0.01%

< 0.4%

0.02% (200 ppm)
0.10% (1000 ppm)


> minutes


Thick Film

± 50 ppm/ °C

From 0.5%

< 5%

0.5% (5000 ppm)
2% (20,000 ppm)


> minutes



± 3 ppm/ °C

From 0.005%

< 0.5%

0.05% (500 ppm)
0.15% (1500 ppm)


> minutes


Our offerings and capabilities include:

No minimum order
Delivery in less than 1 week is possible for many designs and models not otherwise in stock
Precise custom values: Specify any value you need or want! (e.g. 998.95 Ω vs 1 kΩ)
Ultra low TCR: < 5ppm/°C, < 2ppm/°C, < 0.2ppm°C, and even < 0.05ppm/°C is available/possible in various through-hole, surface-mount, and packaged designs
Ultra tight tolerance: As low as 0.001% accuracy in certain models
Ultra low noise: For audio and other specialized applications - a difference you can hear!
High temperature designs and applications above 200°C and even up to 260°C
Lead-free and RoHS-compliant versions available upon request for most models
Qualified for DSCC (DESC/DLA) military specifications!
Custom and proprietary designs and packaging including PLC, SIP & DIP, resistor arrays, networks & dividers, power & current sensing, and high temperature
Extensive pre and post manufacturing operations as well as customized testing services; including discrete unit parametric screening, set matching, power conditioning, burn-in, and life-testing
Stocking programs andjust-in-time (JIT) delivery services
All Industries served; including Aerospace, Audio & Low Frequency, Automatic Test Equipment, Commercial Avionics, Cryogenics, Down Hole, Electron Beam, Energy and Smart Grid, Industrial, Laboratory and Metrology, Medical, Military, Oceanography, Precision Instrumentation, Scales, Transportation, Meteorology, Weather Stations, and more!
Diverse applications; including bridge networks, current sensing, differential amplifiers, gyroscopes and navigational controls, pressure sensors, standards and decade boxes, power supplies, telecommunications, and more!>
Broad range of product categories; including through-hole, surface-mount, axial leads, voltage dividers and networks, hermetically sealed, power and current sensing, high temperature, hybrid chips and PRND, military and space, trimming potentiometers, audio, small profile, and more!

Our experienced Applications Engineers and friendly Sales Staff are available and eager to assist you!

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